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It's been a few months since my last journal, mainly because I've been pretty inactive on DA and my own personal life has been the equivalent of Bill Murray's Groundhog Day (if Groundhog Day involved stocking grocery store shelves, deceitful coworkers and chronic back and wrist pain...) so there hasn't been anything on the personal side of things worth rambling on and on about.

But here's a short list of five cool things that other (famous) people are doing that are either about to happen or are currently in the works.

#1) The Kickstarter to revive Mystery Science Theater 3000!

Remember that short-lived attempt I made at a MST3K parody comic featuring Sonic characters? No? I don't blame you. But it stands to reason I'd give a serious whoop about this kickstarter project and all the joy it'll bring. Apparently Joel Hodgson and his team have already reached their inital $2,000,000 goal to fund the first three new episodes, but with each additional $1.1. mill they'll add another three episodes up to a total of 12 to round out a full season. Though the cast is sure to change, and years have passed, what's not to like about the very idea of more MST3K created by the people who know and love it best?

#2.) Funny Doings At
On a related note, do you remember my more successful attempt at parodying the movie The Wizard using Sonic characters? More likely. But I was pleased to learn that the Riffmasters themselves (former MST3K stars Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett) are finally taking a stab at riffing probably one of the most riffable movies in history. Apparently great comedians think alike... and I have something in common with them too! LOL! Check out and browse their catalog of riffs and look for The Wizard to go up for digital download this friday! And be sure to attend their live broadcast of Santa and The Ice Cream Bunny in theaters on December 3!

#3.) Dragon Quest VII and VIII coming to the Nintendo 3DS in AMERICA!

People around certain venues of the internet know what a pissy little bitch I've been about the fact that Dragon Quest games haven't been getting imported in the last few years, and how upset I was that the ONE DQ game that slipped through customs was a Playstation 4 exclusive...
But apparently the number of ranting English-speaking fan boys was greater than I suspected because our words were heard and next year western 3DS owners will be able to partake in two remakes of classic DQ games previously only released on Playstation consoles (and to some extent cell phones, if you count those. I don't.).
But praise Square-Enix for a moment of common sense in realizing that American dollars are just as nice as Japanese Yen.

#4.) IDW's Back To The Future Comic

Back on October 21, 2015 people were going BTTF crazy with copies of USA Today and bottles of Pepsi Perfect being sold for ridiculous prices of eBay, not to mention the really cool set of Doc and Marty "Vinyl Idolz" figures  released by Funko. But in the midst of nostalgia-mania, IDW has been printing a Back To The Future comic written by trilogy producer/writer Bob Gale. Two issues of a 4-issue mini series are currently available, and they're filled with untold stories of events in the BTTF timeline that were never filmed, some from alternate timelines, some you simply never heard. But they're all interesting and worth a read.

#5.) S.H. Figuarts Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures

Last month at New York Comic-Con Tamashii Nations sent grown men into screaming fits they haven't felt since their childhoods in the 1980's, wailing on the floor of their local toy stores begging their parents for Ninja Turtle toys. That feeling came roaring back when they (and by they, I mean me) laid eyes on these amazing retro-style figures modeled after the Turtles as they appeared on so, SO much promotional material and TMNT merchandise in the 80's.
Sure most of us missed out on those Revoltech TMNT figures that now command outrageous collector's prices (or those $50 Chinese bootlegs that apparently suck), but those were modeled after the Nickelodeon Turtles and if you're like me and prefer your TMNT old school, then you have the chance to get out in front of this release and pre-order these figures for the more natural price of $200-300 for a set of 4 before they go swiftly out of print and prices soar. These figures are expected to be released sometime in 2016, so keep an eye out!

Oh! And First Gokin is making a Shredder figure! *SQUEAL*!
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